Romanian TV Group IPTV box $75 plus taxes (7.625%) . Shipping to US and Canada and PayPal fees at a flat rate of $19.99. Total is $100.71

Our main basic subscription is $15/month (+ 2.7% PayPal fees) payable for a full year.   Total for one year is $184.86 

For an additional tv box please add a $10/month subscription (+ 2.7% PayPal fees) payable for a full year. Total for one year is $123.24

A reconnect fee of $19.99 will be charged to any accounts that are discontinuing the service.

A service plan of $5/month (+ 2.7% PayPal fees) includes troubleshooting over the phone and out of warranty replacement box for free. Payable to one year at a total price of $61.62

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