Romanian TV Group is a private US service company that provides TV viewing channels from Romania.
Our hope is to make your lives better through bringing TV programs from your old country in your home today.
Our goal is to find the best and cheapest ways to bring live TV from Romania for viewers in the USA and Canada.
We are working with streaming providers directly. They provide the content and we put it all together in one easy to use android interface. We are the bridge between them and you. We know that there are other paid and free alternatives to IPTV but we also know if you are looking for a reliable and high quality source to view channels on your television, this is the better alternative for you.
We are proud and pleased with the streaming application we created. The initial idea was to develop a platform to allow future improvements to keep up with the fast advances in technology and the idea behind it all was to allow you, our customer, to have the best TV experience through the ease of use, the good quality of the video streaming and an affordable prices

The APP we created, the IPTV, only works on Android and was developed to make use of other open Android applications. The IPTV box gives you a lot of excelent Romanian live video streams. We are not responsible for the content of the channels nor the availability of the streams. We also are not streaming, so legal responsibility is the sole responsibility of our streaming providers. We are only a reseller of products..  

Some of the streaming channels require VPN connectivity to Romanian servers. For your comfort we have included a VPN solution to play these channels. All is included in the monthly subscription.

We have a service plan that includes free on the phone troubleshooting and TV box replacements if TV boxes are failing outside of the warranty period.

Our basic monthly subscription provides subscription for about 80 live Romanian channels. This also includes free Romanian channels available thru Sopcast. 

To run the IPTV box you need is internet access thru DSL or cable and a TV with HDMI or RCA outputs.We are recommending at least 5Mbps download speed for the best quality of the stream. 

Test your speed here.

 (if the speed is low the quality of the picture will be degraded and it might freeze from time to time)

The IPTV Box can connect to the internet via your home router wirelessly(WI-FI) or wired (LAN cable).

The IPTV Box provided is capable to output Standard Digital (SD)or high definition (HD).

With this box you will be able to browse the internet, stream thru Netflix, Hulu, Sony, Amazon plus or other movies streaming services, use it as a Media Player for Music, Picture and Videos, listen to Internet Radio stations like SiriusXM, Pandora, Tunein Radio with thousands of international radio stations.

You also can download other applications into your Android ITV Box from the Google Play Store if you so desired.

The IPTV Box uses the Android OS. The IPTV Box is all set and ready to use after purchase as delivered to your address. Just plug it in, connect it to your home network and you will be ready to see the TV channels from your preferred region.

Please visit the Buy Product page for more information and for e-ordering.

Visit our support section for instructions on how to connect.

Our product is covered by a 12 months warranty (only hardware). Please sign up for our service plan for additional warranty and support over the phone.

For warranty problems please call us or e-mail at warranties@romaniantvgroup.com 

We are happy you gave us the opportunity to serve you!!!You will not be disappointed with your choice. Thank you for your business!